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    The e-commerce market has changed dramatically over the past decade. In addition, the demand for e-commerce packaging solutions has increased along with shipping and logistics to create a unique customer contact point. The total market value by 2025 is expected to be 61 61.55 billion.


    For e-commerce businesses, shipping and completion is the most direct point of contact and communication with a customer. This is one of the marketing opportunities in use.

    The need to protect the product during the packaging shipping process of custom gift boxes. However, if you pay full attention to the function, you can ignore the potential marketing impact of your packaging. Well, the branded packaging and unboxing experience provides an opportunity to deliver a functional product and provide your customers with a moment to remember.

    A Primer On Product Packaging


    E-commerce packaging refers to all the activities related to designing, testing and containerizing your products. Many online retailers are experimenting with branded packaging to please consumers and improve profits.

    Overall, a branded packaging experience is a thoughtful choice of shipping and packaging materials, just as you present your shipped goods. The goal is to value your customers and your company with a positive image of your brand - ideally a memorable and shared one.

    The Importance Of Product Packaging


    Online retailers have fewer contact points for pleasure than physical retailers. Online shopping Gift boxes performance can benefit from a small price, experimenting with a product before purchase. Because of this, it is important to create a memorable brand experience for customers and to distinguish oneself from the competition by focusing on the available touchpoints.


    A recent survey Distribution found that 40% of consumers are more likely to re-purchase from an online retailer with premium packaging. The same study also found that premium packaging gave a brand a sense of superiority and increased expectation of delivery.

    Packaging for online retailers has become an extension of your brand. Take Apple for example. This brand is known for its high quality, shiny and refined products, just as it is shipped. While not every company is within Apple's budget, there are many more cost-effective ways to keep customers excited at every step of the way. Can add


    Badge, a retailer that sells probiotic supplements directly to consumers, uses simple but delicious packaging made from mushrooms that dissolve underwater - an excellent classification for the environmentally conscious consumer. Basically, people like to tell everyone what they experience.


    If you search for "unboxing" on Google, you will find lots of blog posts, photos and videos. Most of this content was created to help consumers brand and get to know as many people as possible.

    In order to build a long-term growing brand, customers need to bring back again and again. Regular customers spend more and more money on your company. Investing in customer loyalty and loyalty can take you away from the acquisition treadmill that will keep you looking for new customers.


    Types Of E-Commerce Packaging

    Before shipping your products, you must pack them for safe transportation. There are some common options for functional packaging.
    Corrugated cheap gift packaging cardboard boxes

    • Bold Mailer
    • Bags and envelopes
    • Custom e-commerce packaging

    Unless you ship something very small or extremely durable, most products will require some box type and size to secure a safe shipping order, as well as some type of filling or product filling. ۔


    Some types of e-commerce packages are:


    1. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes


    These are still the most common types of e-commerce packaging used by retailers. They are strong, don't load your parcels and can be recycled. You can also use double walled corrugated cardboard boxes for extra strength and durability for heavy objects.

    Here are some examples of mailboxes that retailers can use to deliver products.


    2. Stuffed Mailers


    These packages are perfect for delivering small, flat, or delicate items such as jewelry, handicrafts, books, or electronics. You can add extra protection from recycled paper or bubble wrap, although there is no eco-friendly option for later packaging.


    3. Bags And Envelopes

    If you are not selling light but delicate products, you can use multiple mailers, tieback envelopes, or plastic mailing bags to ship your goods. They're lightweight, strong, easy to store and seal, making it easy for you to send small orders or boxes from your home or warehouse.


    4. Custom E-Commerce Packaging

    A great way to create a unique unboxing experience and tell consumers what you value. There are many options for printing and customizing tissues, gift wrapping, packing slips, and more. In addition, you can print your entire box to showcase your brand in new ways and provide your customers with a satisfying experience.

    This is how you create an individual packaging experience

    If you want to have a well-designed branded packaging and unboxing experience, many elements need to work together. However, you do not need to consider all the options available.

    Rather, decide which small business packaging solution offers the best experience and value to your customers. A strategic investment in these post-e-commerce packaging materials can go a long way in creating an unboxing experience that your customers will soon forget.

    1. Packaging

    The most important factor to consider is the main shipping container. Depending on your product, it could be a box, a bag or a polymer. White and brown corrugated cardboard packaging options were once the only option because they are cheap, strong and work, but you may not get the first impression you are looking for.


    Is your brand eco-friendly? You can choose a biodegradable packaging alternative with compressed fibers made from mushroom fibers and coconut. For example, you can use compostable corn mailers instead of plastic polymers.


    Although the actual package is the most important opportunity to create a "wow" experience, it can be offered at a relatively high price.


    2. Tissue Paper

    Wrapping your product in tissue paper adds another layer of hope to the unboxing experience, adding to the excitement. Custom printed tissue or colored tissue paper are solid options.


    3. Filler

    Traditional types of fillers include foam peanuts, foam liners, air cushions and bubble wrap. For some of us, bubble wrap has been around for a long time, but it's visually unpleasant and doesn't feel premium. Other types of packaging fillers are worth considering: Crank Paper (color or brown) and Excelsior (wood fiber).


    4. Stickers

    Stickers are a useful option because they are versatile and quite inexpensive. If you are using tissue paper, a branded sticker can seal the paper as well. Or, instead of having a custom print on your box, use stickers to label your packages on a budget.

    You can also add some extra stickers with quick notes to thank your customers.


    5. Promotional Materials Or Business Cards

    Business cards are a cheap way to add small promotional items to your package. Remember, they don't have to copy the aesthetics of corporate business cards.

    For example, the House incorporates packaging into its mailing as sending a printed newsletter. Due to the nature of the product, it serves as printed material reading material that deepens the brand's relationship with customers.
    You can also include personal notes or special instructions to help you get more value out of your product - the possibilities are endless and relatively inexpensive.

    6. Packing Slip

    It is standard to include a receipt or packing slip in your package, but many companies do not use it as a branding or marketing opportunity.

    For example, in a high-end restaurant, the receipt is delivered on time and the dinner is usually served beautifully or in a closed folder. Keep the receipt and packing slip in the package in a meaningful place, as this is not the first time a user must see that he opens the package.

    When you print a packing slip on Shopify, you can customize its content and design by adding or removing elements such as your logo or product image, which is the template language created by Shopify. You can also add a coupon code to your packing slip to encourage repeat purchases.

    7. Custom Note

    Although handwritten notes are difficult to measure, new businesses strive to attract every consumer. Connecting with consumers via personal, real note or card can make all the difference - such handwritten messages from the journal care about you and the real people who are building your brand.


    8. Teaching Materials

    If you are selling products that require brief instructions, include instructions in your packaging. You want to make sure your customers understand exactly how the product is being used for their specific needs so that it is easy to get started. If you take another look at the diary, it becomes clear through the helpful guide sheets for each product.


    9. Volume

    Take clear packing tape and keep going, okay? Not required! These days, you have many options of color tape to compliment your customized packaging. You can also create Amazon branded ribbons for instant brand recognition.


    10. Sample Or Gift

    You can also add a free sample of another product based on the user's current purchase or purchase date. Ideally, you would choose something that is likely to interest your buyer. For example, if he kicks the shampoo


    Custom Branded Packaging Resources


    If you are looking for custom packaging material to give your customers a better branded unboxing experience, check out our selected list of some of the best suppliers of different types of packaging below.

    E-Commerce Packaging Cost

    One of the disadvantages of this custom branded packaging experience is the added cost. These costs include both time and cost.
    You need to decide which options are financially feasible and which will provide the greatest value to your business and customers. You need to use the average size of the job and the profit margin.

    Custom boxes and mailers are the most expensive way to create a customized unboxing experience.

    To get custom printed boxes, you'll need to set a minimum order quantity of 500+ and to $ 25 per box. Multiple mail senders cost between $ 0.25 and $ 3 per printed mail, depending on the size of the order. However, some suppliers allow you to place only 10 orders at a time. Also, keep in mind that e-commerce boxes carry more weight in your shipment than those that send multiple mails.


    If your product does not require any box protection, it would be appropriate to choose lighter packaging to reduce the overall cost. You can also choose sustainable packaging and shipping solutions, ranging from the use of compostable mailers to reducing package size and reducing costs and targeting more environmentally conscious customers.


    If you are creative, you can save costs and achieve similar results. Consider pre-made full color e-commerce boxes from places like Ark to meet your packaging needs. These shipping boxes have minimum order quantity and prices - only 25 boxes - and prices vary by price.

    Another option is to find AliExpress, where very similar colored cardboard boxes can be purchased with a minimum order of 50 pieces, sometimes less than 0.39 per piece (depending on size) and most Can be purchased in free shipping in countries.


    If you want to further customize this experience, you can add printed stickers with your logo from a service like Sticker Giant or a similar service.


    In almost all cases, the larger the size of your order for different packaging materials, the lower the costs. Strategically plan which items to use and place large orders to keep costs down. Also, consider the effects of weight change when looking at the total cost of your packaging. Overweight means higher shipping costs, which can affect your overall shipping strategy.


    Make Your UN-boxing Experience Unforgettable

    Creating a memorable UN-boxing experience can make your business competitive not only to generate repeat purchases but also to attract new customers. Andy Dunn, the founder of Bonbons, says it's better:

    Ecommerce Industry and Packaging

    "After all, you're not building an e-commerce company, you're building a brand whose main sales channel is e-commerce."

    Take the next few days to re-evaluate your packaging. Think about how much you're currently spending, how you're returning, what your average order size and profit margin are, and evaluate how you can get a better customer experience. ۔


    As you prepare for the upcoming BFCM shopping season, make sure you have enough luggage, appropriately sized boxes and coffee labels, stickers, notes, and more. Adding thank you notes, holiday themed cards, or stickers to your packaging can also be a nice touch to keep your customers motivated. See our Holiday Shopper's Guide for more tips on how to survive and benefit during the weather.

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